Water Treatment Services


Water Treatment Plant Installation, Maintenance & Repairs Consultancy

Laboratories, Homes, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Factories and sundry businesses require quality potable water supply for daily use.
Our water specialists are on-hand to install from ground up, water treatment plants tailored to your specific requirements.

We also maintain already installed treatment plants, as well as troubleshoot problems and make necessary repairs or overhaul as the case may be.


Water Treatment Services

Different geographic locations require different water treatment services to ensure potable water supply. The mineral composition of coastal water source is different from those of Rocky regions, hence laboratory analyses of the raw water  determines the best treatment method and materials to be used.
International (WHO) and National (NAFDAC ) standards for potable water are similar in requirement especially for industries that serve the public such as food & beverage manufacturing companies.
Our treatment services ensures that homes, schools, packaged bottle/sachet water factories and other industries meet the treated water standards as regards:

  • Micro-organisms
  • Mineral content
  • Ordour, taste & colour
  • pH, conductivity & turbidity



Water Treatment Plant Equipment, Accessories & Consumables

We supply water treatment plant equipment, accessories and consumables for home and industrial use. Our range of product offering includes:
♦    Equipment — Automatic/semi-automatic Plastic bottle blowing machines, Digital/analogue Sachet water filling/sealing machines, Automatic/semi-automatic packaged bottle water combo (washer, filler, capping) machines...
♦   Plumbing materials — Tanks, PVC pipes, surface/submersible pumps, valves, connectors...
♦   Treatment plant Materials — Activated carbon & Green sand filter Modules, Reverse osmosis membrane, Ozonator, UV sterilizers...
♦   In House QC/QA equipment — pH meters & strips , conductivity & turbidity meters, water testing kits,  laboratory glassware, softeners...

Expert Service| Quality Products |Excellent Result...

Our reputation is premised on delivery of expert service, quality products and excellent results for all our clients.
Customer satisfaction is one of the pillars that holds our foundation rock-steady,  thus we would go the extra mile to make sure we meet all expectations.