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Science Laboratory Equipment for Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, Research and Education purposes.
We stock quality laboratory equipment such as Autoclaves, Weighing balances, Water Baths, Gas Chromatography accessories, Microscopes, Colony Counters, Hotplate & stirrers, Rotary Evaporators, Heating Mantles, Homogenizers, Moisture Analysers, Ph & Conductivity meters...

Our Laboratory equipment brands range from manufacturers and countries across the world. Some of the brands includes:
Stuart, Heildolph, Fisher, Sartorius, Grant, Millipore, Merck, SGE, Hamilton, Edwards, Shimadzu, Electrothermal, IKA, Waring, Bibby Sterillin, Clifton, Mettler Toledo, VWR, Hanna, Polytron, Qualivac, leica, Romer, Omega Prestige, Perkin Elmer and a whole lots of other brands.