Perkin Elmer Clarus 500 Gas Chromatograph

The Perkin Elmer Clarus 500 Gas Chromatograph with FID is a dual-channel, temperature programmable stand-alone, fully automated gas chromatograph. The system offers the capabilities required for laboratories performing large numbers of routine analyses as well as those involved in research and development. All instrument functions are set up and monitored through a touch screen. The intuitive graphical user interface includes a real-time chromatogram display and eight-language support.

Available in hundreds of configurations ranging from easy-to-use, flexible analyzers to dedicated, turnkey systems for petrochemical and air analysis, the Clarus 500 GC is extremely versatile. The PerkinElmer Clarus 500 Mass Spectrometer,  TurboMatrix™ Headspace and Thermal Desorption sample-handling devices can be integrated with the GC, providing solutions for applications such as beverage analysis, ambient air testing, environmental work and more. For data management and reporting, PerkinElmer’s award-winning TotalChrom® Chromatography Data Systems (CDS) make managing data easier than ever.

Available Detectors

A wide choice of detectors optimized for sensitivity and selectivity is available for use with the Clarus 500 GC. All built-in detectors include an automated background compensation feature that corrects for column bleed. Whether you choose the Flame Ionization Detector, the Thermal Conductivity Detector, the Electron Capture
Detector, and/or environmental-specific detectors, all conform to the highest industry standards for reliability and performance.


The Clarus 500 GC oven provides easy access to columns. The oven gives excellent temperature control and fast cool-down times for maximum productivity. All temperature and time functions are microprocessor controlled and are shown on the touch-screen display. Software selectable coolant time-out and coolant cut-in temperatures ensure economical subambient operation.

Pneumatic Options

A full range of pneumatic options provides optimum performance with all types of columns and detectors.


The Clarus 500 GC offers an optional, built-in syringe autosampler for maximum sampling capabilities. All control is accomplished through the keyboard or by a data system such as TotalChrom®.
The Clarus 500 GC supports a comprehensive array of injectors that provides accuracy and precision to all of your sampling applications. Up to two injectors may be installed and operated simultaneously with independent temperature control. Every injector is available with PPC or conventional pneumatics.

For more information, Check out the user guide