Laboratory Design, Planning & Furnishing

Laboratories range from a small work-space with the necessary instruments and consumables to giant facilities with high-tech equipment and procedures. No matter the facility size or capital invested, all are designed to serve their respective purposes.
We transform occupied and empty spaces here in Nigeria into unique laboratories for academics, research, quality assurance and medical analytic purposes within respective budgets and time frame. Laboratory relocation and renovation as well equipment provision are part of our service itinerary.

Our customized packages focuses on optimal space management, aesthetics promotion , safety emphases and efficiency maximization,  with the aim of making the laboratory not only conducive for required use but also an experience in itself.

Our services includes:
♦   General consultancy for laboratory layout design, planning & renovations.
♦   Maintenance, repairs & refurbishing of laboratory buildings and furniture.
♦   Assessments, facility support, Turnkey project supervision.
♦   Equipment and furniture selection assistance, supplies and installations,

Lab Layout Design
Layout design, furniture arrangement & lab equipment positioning
Laboratory Furniture
Fixed & Mobile Tables | Shelves | Stools & Chairs | Foot-rest
Counter/Table Tops
Phenolic resins | Epoxy resins | Plastic Laminates | Stainless steel
Transport & Mobility Accessories
Trolleys | Transport carts | Glassware Carrier | Folding Step Ladder | Laboratory Jacks
Lab Safety
Specialty Lab Cabinets | Fume Hoods & Biosafety Cabinets | Personnel Protective Equipment | Safety Stations
Lab Sinks & Faucets | Gas & Vacuum Turrets | Eelectrical Fixtures

Expert Service | Quality Products | Excellent Result...

 Our reputation is premised on delivery of expert service, quality products and excellent results for all our clients.
Customer satisfaction is one of the pillars that holds our foundation rock-steady, thus we would go the extra mile to make sure we meet all expectations.