About Us

Space-Tech Scientifique is an integrated products and service provider with specialty spanning diverse productivity sector within Nigeria. We were founded to resolve the disconnect in distribution of science and technology products and services  particularly for laboratories within Nigeria

Our vision

Support individual, corporate and government efforts at attaining self sufficiency in science and technology incubation, invention and application by providing integrated resources that increase efficiency and effectiveness
harness the potentials of our Nigerian young scientists and enthusiasts to become full fledged scientists and inventors through training tat empowers them to play vital roles in seeking solutions for societal problems.

Our mission

To become one of the leading Nigerian and African manufacturer of quality yet low price laboratory equipment, glassware and consumables by the year 2027.
To support ISO certified best practices in laboratory utilization at academic institutions and quality assurance departments through our lab design, planning and furnishing services integrated with laboratory products supply and ICT dependent learning/teaching resource and support.

Our services

In collaboration with numerous partners within and outside Nigeria, we provide services that cuts across diverse sectors of the Nigerian economy which includes:

- Design, planning, furnishing and maintenance of scientific laboratories
- Equipment, glassware, accessories and consumable supply
- Independent public laboratory analysis, product import registration/permit consultancy.

Water Treatment
- Treatment plant installation, maintenance and repairs for homes and businesses
- Bottle/sachet water packaging factory set-up and registration consultancy
-Water treatment plant equipment, accessories and consumables supply

Information Communication Technology & Education resource projects
- Web design and online media management services.
- Teaching/Learning resource production integrated with ICT

Our products

- General laboratory in-process/analytical equipment, glassware, accessories and consumables for quality assurance, manufacturing, research and academic purposes

- Laboratory furniture, safety cabinets, fume cupboards, biosafety cabinets, shelves, personnel protective equipment, bollards and basic structural fittings.

- Glassware includes: Laboratory beakers, measuring cylinders, Flasks (Conical/Erlenmeyer, Round/Flat bottom boiling flasks, kjeldahl, volumetric), Bottles (Reagent, Universal, BOD, McCartney), Burettes, Pipettes, Test Tubes, separating funnels, desiccators, density bottles, condensers

- Equipment includes: Autoclaves, Balances (Analytical weighing), Baths ( water, circulating) centrifuges, ovens, furnace, hotplates, pH meters, Rotary evaporator, microscopes, moisture analyzer, refractometer, spectrophotometers

- Consumables: Agar media, salts, solvents, acids and bases, TLC plates

- Accessories: Filter paper, Gas chromatograph syringes, chromatography columns platinum basins, syringe filters, mist filters, retort stands, cuvette

-  Water treatment materials: Reverse osmosis plants, Granulated activated carbon, greensand filters, UV water sterilizer, Oxygen generator, Dosing pumps, sachet water packaging machine, semi-automatic bottle washer, filler and capper, PET/plastic Bottle blowers

Our inventory covers a wide range of quality products cutting across diverse sectors, thus we are positioned to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.